We are creative Arhitecture & Interior Design Firm

As a design collective, modernism and classism with an under tone of minimalism in design has always inspired us as principles and have been the grounding base for our design ideas. With our varied personal, academic and professional backgrounds, we are able to create interesting juxtaposition in the design output.

At O.B.A.A.T, our primary focus is putting out a design which directly responds and reflects our client’s immediate requirements, hopes and aspiration. We believe in an educative and informed manner of process when it comes to designing and like to take our clients along the entire process and allowing them to be as involved as ourselves.

Our main aim is to generate a cohesive and responsive design solution, which would address all aspects of a client’s requirement. Through our design process, we try to focus on the minutest details while ensuring the larger picture of the overall output is achieved within a reasonable time frame.

Our Story


Studio head- Architecture and Retail design.

“It’s the process that matters, not so much the product!” -Sankara Sadasivam

Sankara is a pragmatic and process driven designer. Graduating from U.V.C.E. Bengaluru in the year 2009 he went on to train under Architect Hafeez Contractor in Mumbai. After a brief association with AHC he relocated to Bangalore to get some hands on experience in the small scale residential sector, which would help him understand the minuscule details in the construction field. “The devil is in the details” he says. In his quest for hands on experience catering to the largest section of people, his association with his master Architect, Mr. Sarabjeet singh in Bangalore proved very essential and enlightening.

Sankara’s skillful design abilities and attention towards details have helped him to generate many interesting designs. His belief in a process centric design approach than just a solution based design idea has been proven to be time based and comprehensive to all the parameters put forth by the client and the design problem itself. He is also heavily involved in academic field, delivering guest lectures and guiding students through their design process. He strongly believes in attacking a problem at its roots and hence his involvement with students.

In his free time he is an avid photographer and an extensive traveler. He has covered about 17 states in the country on his Royal Enfield Bullet, mostly solo!


Sr. Architect - Architecture and Interior design.

“Patience and perseverance, key to where you will be tomorrow!” –Sunayana

Sunayana is who we say that it’s possible to be beautiful and intelligent! A combination which is rare. Her approach to design is very pragmatic and fresh. Innovation and great itch to excel and be on top of her game are the key to her day to day functioning. A complete workaholic, and one who believes learning can never stop.

Sunayana is the go to person in the firm handling and managing the day to day workings of the entire firm and one can say she is one of the most important functionaries without whom a perfect synchronization would be quite difficult.

Music and tele series fanatic, Sunayana is also an exceptional painter and a creative artist, creating simple items ranging from pots to stands and what not!! Online shopping was invented for one person only, and that would be Sunayana Sunil Upadhyaya!!


Jr. Architect - Architecture and Interior design.

Pragati, is the silent killer at this work space! you would hardly notice her working away at some brilliant ideas, but must say one can never ignore her!

Pragati is an integral part of the firm and dons the hat of coordinating and training the interns. In addition to the designing responsibilities she is also an able administrator.

She has a flare for residential interiors and has worked some great magic with some really tight spaces and budgets! Honest with her opinions and work, Pragati is a good leveler!


Manager – Site Co-coordinator and Interior design.

Roshan is someone whom you can rely upon to bring the virtual designs to reality. Civil engineer by profession, he's the streetsmart of the bunch who squeezes out the best rates from vendors and hence enables our executions with the best materials in the least budget.

With his knack in coordinating sites and executing the works within the proposed time frames, he upholds the basic virtue that a design well executed is a fruitful design indeed. Ardent traveler and foodie who can make you humorously high, he's one in a bench (yeah not bunch purposefully because he has those extra pounds).

Sandhya Rao, B.Arch, M. Arch (Urban design)

Associate - Interiors and Master planning.

“You got to do what you got to do!” –Sandhya Rao

Sandhya is an apt example for what people say about how all good things come in a small packages. Notwithstanding her petite appearance, she is a person who likes to take on any problem head on and aggressively. Her authority over conceptualizing master plans and urban development are unparalleled.

Constantly researching her Master Architect and Philosopher, Ar. Kevin Lynch, she takes keen interest in how cities are shaping up the integrities to its image. After graduating from UVCE in 2008 from Bangalore, she pursued her post-graduation in urban designing from the esteemed R.V. College. She began her professional career as an associate at R.S.P Pvt. ltd. In Bangalore where she spent over three years. Getting her calling to go on her own she started working with Sankara at OBAAT while she continued to consult with the likes of TESCO, Arcop and others for master planning, advisory for feasibility studies and interior design.

She is presently pursuing her doctorate and has authored several papers on urban design and planning. Like Sankara, she too has keen interest in academics and is an associate professors post in B.G.S. School of Architecture and Planning, Bangalore.

She is an avid painter and spends her time sketching monuments and landscapes when she travels.

Sharad Narayan, B. Arch, M. Arch (Habitat design)

Associate – Architecture.

“Two things I care about and it needs to be perfect, black coffee and design!”
– Sharad Narayan

Grammar Nazi, to the point and abrasive, are a few words to describe Sharad. Graduating alongside Sankara from U.V.C.E. in 2009, had the same design principals as him and one can say that a partnership in their professional career was imminent. To gain experience in the field, he went on to intern with Architect Sarabjeet Singh in Bangalore where he handled most of the projects right from inception to the finish.

Concept driven, Sharad pays keen interest in the working factor of a design. With his skill set he gets to the table a perfect blend of function and aesthetics to any design. In the years since he has graduated, he has worked on several residential projects over a varied scale. He was, while at Sarab Designs, the project architect in charge for the project management of Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s (Member of Parliament) residence at Bangalore.

In his quest to improve and expand his knowledge base, he went on to complete his post-graduation in Habitat Design from B.M.S.C.E. Like Sankara and Sandhya, Sharad too was driven towards academics and is currently an Assistant Professor at Dayananda Sagar School of Architecture in Bangalore. An avid music and movie buff, sharad is also an exceptional sketcher and a caricature artist. He wouldn’t miss his mother’s black coffee for the end of the world!

Our team

  • “Got food, lets talk!” –LucY

    LUCY is our happiness quotient and a major entertainer! Walks with a swag and is always on the look out for her treats! Her favorite pass time would be to randomly bark at people walking by the office!



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